Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Time for Updating...

yes, I need to update...just wanted all to know that this will be coming soon. Lazy Momma Bear needs to upload some pics, but let me recap the past 7 weeks in 7 key statments (yes, I am a marketer who uses powerpoint presentations):

1. Bliss of having a little baby, quickly switches to freak out of "what did we do??" Ha.
2. Get into a groove, milk is in, feel like we're getting the hang of it...she gains nearly 2lbs, tubby!
3. First growth spurt, are you kidding, how can you eat this much, you're still just a munchkin
4. Aww yeah, she is a fun little bugger we take everywhere: Wash Park Tavern, Il Posto, you name it, she's been there
5. We spread our wings to Broncos Tailgate and feel like she's the best baby ever!
6. Calm before the storm...growth spurt #2 (OMG, is there an imprint of my butt on the couch? Waiter, I need lunch and water please...) coupled with a cold...A-W-E...S-O-M-E...awesome, awesome, like Totally. Yes, that cheer was done with complete sarcasm
7. We made it through the storm, but then introduced formula as miss piggy is in need of more than mommy can handle...and then the mice came marching in...Oh when the mice, Oh when the mice, Oh when the mice came marching in. Yes, some new moms hit the wall with colic, I have an afternoon colic baby plus mice running around, can you say FREAK OUT! Ha...this will all be funny someday when I tell the story at her wedding, right? It will be worth it - in 30 years!

Ok, so the bullets got much longer and less succinct, but let me tell you, when I upload imagery to support these, I won't need more than the images!

I hope all are well, we are en route to Chicago for our first plane trip, God help us that it's not a wailing good time, just a good time will do!!

Love, Molly, Nick, Abby and, of course, Molson