Thursday, April 29, 2010

The F ate the DD

Just when you thought the ladies could not get any larger, you go and get an F. Yes, you read this correctly, F. Fortunately, if you are willing to spend enough money, they will still make them in cute colors, nice straps that can be seen in summer, and lace...but I repeat, if you are willing to spend a pretty penny. Target isn't going to do and the anorexic ladies from Vickies just don't have the size to warrant me entering that store anymore. I need reinforcements here.

I think I have finally hit a point where the belly is exceeding the girls, but barely. Add in my round face and any photo taken from waist up will yield orca out, keep all small children away as I look like I'm capable of eating them! Ha.

After all the kids are popped out and we can laugh about this, I'll host a pregnant bra party, bet I win for most costly material ever purchased for a 4-month lifespan...or so I hope it's only 4 months! (they hit you up for the extra sewing and lace when you get into the land of extraneous letters...probably could make 3 A cups in the time it takes them to craft and figure out how to run all that material through the sewing machine for F). Maybe I'll even frame my F in some wayto display it as modern art!

F! I have no idea why Heidi Montaug felt the necessity to hit H, F is bad enough. Although H with fakies and lifts might not be as bad as real F with fat and heavy weight. I may get top heavy here toward the end, watch out below!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

I want to poke my eyes out over day care

There are things that are not so cute or pleasant about having a care is one of them. I have been searching and searching and am now on the pleading path to my colleagues of "what do I do???" ugghs. It's part that we live in a city so everything is questionable, it's part that most people in this area do nanny shares, so maybe I need to just do that, and it's part that my entire pay check will go to this so why am I even bothering? Since when does my kid need an $18000 education at age 0? OMG...hyperventilating. And, I totally had this guy at the office say "not to scare you, but we're still on waiting lists and our son is almost 2...", yeah, well, good for you. I guess my kid won't go to Harvard since his parents f'd up his life at age 0-3 with a crappy education...ahhhhhhh....thanks for the vent! Feel much better...and there is nothing wrong with a bar rat at a state school, afterall, most CEOs did not go to Ivy League there!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dream Catcher version 1

So they say that dreaming becomes vivid and weird when pregnant. I have found that to be all too true this past week. I have been having incredible dreams, most are hilarious and I've started to write them down...that said, here is round 1, hope you enjoy as much as I do:

I am getting a hug from a friend of my mom's...non-descript, not sure who she is, but she was a friend. Anyway, she was so excited for us that she gave me a huge big, in fact, that she knocked me over and fell on top of me. Thus, she smooshed my belly and I got very concerned for the baby. I got up, brushed myself off and left for a party I was late for.

Fortunately, I had VIP status, so I skipped the long line outside the party entrance and walked right in...tyipcal if you ask me :) I enter and the room looks and feels like a fancy country club with big leather furniture, darker walls and wood work, etc. I sit in an oversized chair that is next to a couch and start to complain to my friends about the hug and how concerned I am that the baby is dead because it got smooshed. "It will be just fine, you'll feel it kick again and then you'll know it's fine." my friend says. "Yeah, don't worry, just relax, put your feet up and enjoy yourself." the other friend says.

All normal, you say...well, I turn and look at my friends to say "thanks" and realize that my friends are Tiger and Elin Woods...huh.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Athletic Weekend

An eventful and athletic weekend is behind us. While my athletics were limited to actual walking and such, Nick was also able to squeeze in some libation events...which suited him well on his birthday weekend. We started slow on Friday night with a BBQ for the two of us by the fire pit, nice, relaxing and just what we needed.

Saturday, a whirlwind of events, starting with 9 holes of golf. I am very proud to tell everyone that I shot a 56, not a good score, but, it was a strong 56 with a lot of bad chips and 3-putts, so I was quite pleased. However, birthday boy was not so fortunate with his power being a bit more than he could handle. Baby was a bit awake during the round, but I am sure he/she appreciated the exercise and getting out in the wonderful weather.

We went from there to a going away BBQ where Nick was getting some practice in with the 6-month old baby that was there...fortunately, he gave him to another person before that child vomited all over. Just his luck, hopefully he is on the receiving end of that come our child, and not just me, ha! Then, to cap the day off we went to a baby shower for our friends the Malias. Yep, Nick capped his 32nd birthday off strong with an exciting game of baby charades. I'm not sure how one is to act out amniotic fluid, but somehow, it was done. (Nick passed on this as he has "not read the book" so he opted out on any scientific terms and stuck to "2nd trimester" or "high chair"). It was comedic to watch.

Finally, yesterday we had an eventful day of brunch and Rockies game with a large group of folks. So, baby is tired, mom is tired and we're off to another busy week of working our a$$es off, yeah! Is there such thing as bed rest for the brain whereby you don't need to go to work because your brain hurts and you are too tired??? There should be!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Eggs

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! We had beautiful weather and a day filled with friends and food, what more can you ask for. Little Lazzybear is coming along well, finally starting to show a bit and get welcomed into the world. It is a bit strange to have a tummy jutting out, but also nice that I no longer look like I just ate too many donuts...well, I still might have eaten too many but I have an excuse!

Yesterday morning, Nick very endearingly told me I looked like an Easter egg...because my shirt had "fruffles" on it; well, that and my belly in the fruffles. Now, I know his brothers like to tease him that he'll be surrounded by girls in his family, after the fruffle comment, I sure hope not as he's got a long way to go into princess land.