Monday, April 19, 2010

Dream Catcher version 1

So they say that dreaming becomes vivid and weird when pregnant. I have found that to be all too true this past week. I have been having incredible dreams, most are hilarious and I've started to write them down...that said, here is round 1, hope you enjoy as much as I do:

I am getting a hug from a friend of my mom's...non-descript, not sure who she is, but she was a friend. Anyway, she was so excited for us that she gave me a huge big, in fact, that she knocked me over and fell on top of me. Thus, she smooshed my belly and I got very concerned for the baby. I got up, brushed myself off and left for a party I was late for.

Fortunately, I had VIP status, so I skipped the long line outside the party entrance and walked right in...tyipcal if you ask me :) I enter and the room looks and feels like a fancy country club with big leather furniture, darker walls and wood work, etc. I sit in an oversized chair that is next to a couch and start to complain to my friends about the hug and how concerned I am that the baby is dead because it got smooshed. "It will be just fine, you'll feel it kick again and then you'll know it's fine." my friend says. "Yeah, don't worry, just relax, put your feet up and enjoy yourself." the other friend says.

All normal, you say...well, I turn and look at my friends to say "thanks" and realize that my friends are Tiger and Elin Woods...huh.

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