Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Eggs

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! We had beautiful weather and a day filled with friends and food, what more can you ask for. Little Lazzybear is coming along well, finally starting to show a bit and get welcomed into the world. It is a bit strange to have a tummy jutting out, but also nice that I no longer look like I just ate too many donuts...well, I still might have eaten too many but I have an excuse!

Yesterday morning, Nick very endearingly told me I looked like an Easter egg...because my shirt had "fruffles" on it; well, that and my belly in the fruffles. Now, I know his brothers like to tease him that he'll be surrounded by girls in his family, after the fruffle comment, I sure hope not as he's got a long way to go into princess land.

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