Monday, March 22, 2010

The first shop

Well, I've officially started shopping for baby. Yes, it's true. My mom was here this weekend and we headed out into the sea of baby "essentials". I made a list of places we had to go and we managed to hit every single one on Saturday!

While Friday was a snow storm, we had great shopping weather Saturday. And, every pregnant woman on the planet was out and about! We started easy with a local shop and really focused on strollers there. I was overwhelmed and they only had about 6 choices! Needless to say, I decided Nick needs to fold it, mold it, break it, bend it...basically he needs to show me how to use it, ha! One essential down, a million to go.

We headed to the scariest place ever, Babies 'R Us. Yes, it was scary. Maybe it's cute when you're not shopping for yourself, but wow, talk about overwhelming. I did find it hilarious when you're in the Pack 'n Play section and find all the other new moms-to-be look as confused as you do...why is this $20 more than that; what features does that one have; do I need that feature? OMG it was like that throughout the whole store. I am happy to say, though, we poked, prodded, looked and, I think, now Nick only has to look at 2-3 choices per section and won't have to go through the mayhem...aren't I nice? I think so :)

We ended at PB Kids, the cutest place and more of a true shopping experience amongst things you definitely do not need, don't need to spend that kind of money on, and are just plain superfulous...I was at home! My kind of shopping! So, we ended on the high note. I have not fully decided, but did float the idea of Elephants by Nick and he seemed up for it. So, we may have a big goofy animal type room: elephants, whales, those types of things, ha. We'll see.

So, the initial shop is over, hopefully the registry creation will be smooth sailing from here...well, at least here's hoping!

I hope this finds everyone well!

Love, Molly & Nick

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  1. Woo woo!!! SO excited for you both. We'll miss you in Tahoe in August, but for a very good reason indeed. Take care - and stop by next time you are in town. Love, The Franklins