Saturday, March 13, 2010

Getting Caught Up

Welcome to our baby blog! Yes, I have finally set this up. And, in plenty of time, as there is not much to report yet. I'll get you caught up, though...

In early December, after an evening of sushi and sake, Nick and I received a phone call from my doctor alerting us that we were expecting. This was truly exciting, but also a bit ironic given our choice of evening the night before. Needless to say, I am quite confident my flip flopping stomach was due to sake and not the baby quite yet, ha.

We immediately called our parents, but did hold them to secrecy, much to all of their dismay. And while it was difficult for them (yes, dad, I know it was hard :) ), I lived a lie for 3 months, even adopting a new year's resolution to "not drink in January". That worked quite well, especially with work...keep that in mind all you gals out there, January can be a great buffer month, as can lent!

I digress. The holidays were wonderful, though, we were in our lie and I drank wonderfully delicious things like sparkling cider..."Do I have to keep drinking this crap? It's awful." - Jack Rennels. Thank you Jack, that is my life for the next 9 months! O'Doull's and virgin Mary's were also on the menu. Thankfully, Nick has agreed to drink for 2, so he was instrumental in my hiding the non-drinking, lovingly taking down my glass of wine and replacing it with his empty. What a team!

After much anticipation, we were finally able to spill the beans when we heard the heartbeat at 12 weeks. It was quite exciting. Though, it is pretty difficult to hear with all the noise going on, but we were able to hear it...well, at least I was...Doctor: "Do you hear that, it's the fast beats, not the slower beats."; Nick: "Uh huh..." Ten minutes later, Nick to me: "I don't think I heard it..." Hilarious.

Fast forward to no: not much has changed. I don't have any cravings or real food aversions. I don't like to eat large amounts of protein at night and full meals are difficult to eat in one sitting. I have been blessed by no morning sickness and a relatively easy first trimester. I have been tired, that is the big thing. So far, I've gained about 8 lbs or so, so not too much, though I do feel that I am rapidly fanning out and getting much wider! For those that recognize that I am a fat skinny girl in pictures, it's worse now! Ha. I will post some, if you can't laugh at the horror of it, you'd die crying, so may as well enjoy my twinkie state.

Nick has been the best soon-to-be baby daddy ever. He even shopped, with the help of his female friends at work, for maternity clothes and jeans for me...such a wonderful surprise! And, impressive he'd even think of it! Though, he did spend an evening in the hospital this week due to a hockey injury. Thankfully tough guy isn't going to take a break, it's playoffs after all. So, like all good hockey men, he is going to play through it, even with 6 stitches in his knee. I do wish, though, we had all been there to see him in his underwear and white tee-shirt...bleeding...waiting in the emergency 11pm. Quite a sight I can imagine! The good news with hockey is that he gets home around 12 or 1am, just in time for baby to be waking up, so he has a natural shift built in, wahoo!

Molson is quite excited to be a big brother. He has a sudden need to cuddle and lay on my stomach, something he is now doing almost daily. Or, he just runs his head into my stomach and listens. I don't know that he can hear anything, but he certainly knows something is going on in there. We hear he is also a bit emotional around babies and gets quite concerned when a baby cries, so we'll see how he takes to his responsibilities as big bro!

Ok, long enough, but had to get caught up on 4.5 months of festivities and fun! We'll keep updating with news, feelings, any kicking, etc.

Love you all,

Molly & Nick

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