Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh Canada

Finally I get around to sharing a few adventures from our final trip as just the two of us, beautiful Canada. How did we choose Canada, in May, you ask...well, it's simple, follow the clearly defined Lazzara logic we have:
1. What weekends do we have free? Narrow to a nice window.
2. Where have we both never been but want to go? This helped narrow the focus a bit, though there are still quite a few destinations on this list as it turns out
3. Of those, and knowing our time window, what is still appealing? The NE we decided to put on hold for summer/fall for example
4. Where can we get a good full trip in and only take 2 days off work?
5. Where can we go for free on United and utilize Molly's infinite miles?

BAM...Vancouver area comes up! We didn't want to do a city trip, so we researched and the Gulf Islands looked fun. We chose Galiano island, population 1,000 if they're lucky. We rented a gorgeous house on an inlet cove, very cool. And, we had an adventure trip with me 6 months pregnant: hiking (even in Vancouver, saw Stanley Park), golf (9 holes), exploring the art scene (ok this was mostly driving, but some walking...), and sea kayaking (I even paddled most of the time!). We saw tons of wildlife from otters in our cove every day to bald eagles to deer to seals swimming with us kayaking to snakes (2, we each almost stepped on one at different times, omg freaked me out) to killer whales (defs the highlight).

Very fun trip, we highly recommend the area. One thing we did not think about was if I were to have needed medical attention. Given that there was "a" cop on the whole island, the firemen were volunteer, and the EMT was on strike (we saw his sign and assume there is 1), we may have been hard pressed to find something we needed. Fortunately, that was not needed, but interesting as you change your life around how you actually should think of things like that...sorry little lazzy bear, we still love you though.

So, our little lazzy bear has gone way international now having covered off the 3 major countries in North America...as we were in Mexico before we told you all, but he/she was there with us! Well traveled little bugger....my passport hasn't been out in years and suddenly I've had the urge, maybe we have an explorer on our hands, hmm...I'll attach a couple pictures for your viewing pleasure. Love, us

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dreams Part 2

Yes, more dreams. Last night I was going back to college. Yes, that is right. But, I didn't register for classes, had no materials and was feeling frantically unprepared. Indication of how I feel now? Very possible.

In addition, I somehow ended up near a river thing that was about 12 feet or more below the bridge I was on. I slipped and was hanging from the bridge. No, I did not fall immediately, but did fall eventually and floated down the river. Hmm...

Then, in my room, Nick and I shared a room with my old roommate from freshman year. He and I rolled out a double bed and she somehow thought she was going to share with us as she did not have a bed. We put a Ki-bash on that, but then we somehow ended up driving her home to get her belongings. Her home was in Ohio (though in reality she was from Speedway, IN), and looked strangely like the adjascent neighborhood to where I lived in Minnesota growing up. Weird. The family had a big party going on that we participated in, but I was anxious to leave as I had also realized that I didn't tell my office (here in Colorado) that I was going back to school. So I was scared they were going to fire me. Yes, more realistic fears of disappointing my current workplace by being pregnant. Rational, no; touches of reality, yes.

Very strange...love these dreams...keep 'em coming :)