Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dreams Part 2

Yes, more dreams. Last night I was going back to college. Yes, that is right. But, I didn't register for classes, had no materials and was feeling frantically unprepared. Indication of how I feel now? Very possible.

In addition, I somehow ended up near a river thing that was about 12 feet or more below the bridge I was on. I slipped and was hanging from the bridge. No, I did not fall immediately, but did fall eventually and floated down the river. Hmm...

Then, in my room, Nick and I shared a room with my old roommate from freshman year. He and I rolled out a double bed and she somehow thought she was going to share with us as she did not have a bed. We put a Ki-bash on that, but then we somehow ended up driving her home to get her belongings. Her home was in Ohio (though in reality she was from Speedway, IN), and looked strangely like the adjascent neighborhood to where I lived in Minnesota growing up. Weird. The family had a big party going on that we participated in, but I was anxious to leave as I had also realized that I didn't tell my office (here in Colorado) that I was going back to school. So I was scared they were going to fire me. Yes, more realistic fears of disappointing my current workplace by being pregnant. Rational, no; touches of reality, yes.

Very these dreams...keep 'em coming :)

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