Thursday, April 29, 2010

The F ate the DD

Just when you thought the ladies could not get any larger, you go and get an F. Yes, you read this correctly, F. Fortunately, if you are willing to spend enough money, they will still make them in cute colors, nice straps that can be seen in summer, and lace...but I repeat, if you are willing to spend a pretty penny. Target isn't going to do and the anorexic ladies from Vickies just don't have the size to warrant me entering that store anymore. I need reinforcements here.

I think I have finally hit a point where the belly is exceeding the girls, but barely. Add in my round face and any photo taken from waist up will yield orca out, keep all small children away as I look like I'm capable of eating them! Ha.

After all the kids are popped out and we can laugh about this, I'll host a pregnant bra party, bet I win for most costly material ever purchased for a 4-month lifespan...or so I hope it's only 4 months! (they hit you up for the extra sewing and lace when you get into the land of extraneous letters...probably could make 3 A cups in the time it takes them to craft and figure out how to run all that material through the sewing machine for F). Maybe I'll even frame my F in some wayto display it as modern art!

F! I have no idea why Heidi Montaug felt the necessity to hit H, F is bad enough. Although H with fakies and lifts might not be as bad as real F with fat and heavy weight. I may get top heavy here toward the end, watch out below!!

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