Monday, April 26, 2010

I want to poke my eyes out over day care

There are things that are not so cute or pleasant about having a care is one of them. I have been searching and searching and am now on the pleading path to my colleagues of "what do I do???" ugghs. It's part that we live in a city so everything is questionable, it's part that most people in this area do nanny shares, so maybe I need to just do that, and it's part that my entire pay check will go to this so why am I even bothering? Since when does my kid need an $18000 education at age 0? OMG...hyperventilating. And, I totally had this guy at the office say "not to scare you, but we're still on waiting lists and our son is almost 2...", yeah, well, good for you. I guess my kid won't go to Harvard since his parents f'd up his life at age 0-3 with a crappy education...ahhhhhhh....thanks for the vent! Feel much better...and there is nothing wrong with a bar rat at a state school, afterall, most CEOs did not go to Ivy League there!

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