Friday, June 11, 2010

Construction Drama

Most of you are aware that we've been working to re-model our house. Well, I finally received the most expensive pieces of paper I have ever purchased...the blue prints. Yes, we made it to that stage, wahoo. The bad news is that we likely have 4-6 weeks...or probably more of bank paperwork and permitting. So...the long and short, we are going to postpone a bit until after baby is born.

Yeah, decision made. Crap...I wasn't counting on having to put a nursery together myself, so there literally is NO WHERE for baby to sleep right now. His/her room is a repository for boxes and crap at this time, ha. We ordered the crib and rocker, but it's 50/50 if they make it in time. Poor baby, haaa, it's just too comical. Hopefully we'll have time to get the room ready in July as June is already gone with travel and work for us...pathetic.

Am I a bit too laid back here, I really have no idea what is coming my way, but I figure I can either stress out and freak out or I can just do what I can and realize it will all work out in the end. We are also housing 3 dogs this weekend, so we have a zoo going's difficult to pet and give attention to 3 dogs at once, I suggest you try it. I hope baby is a dog lover or we're in big trouble :)

Ah, the joys...

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