Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nick My Hero

Last week was a long one, I travelled to Tampa, Chicago and Denver in 3 days time. All flights were either delayed or cancelled and 1 of 2 hotels were overbooked so there were issues...then, my car did not start when I got home. Needless to say I tried to stay calm and collected, but lost it when I heard the slight click of the car.

Now, I was late for a haircut appointment, very important, so that made this all the more difficult and made my already idiot brain completely irrational. Instead of trying to find the parking people to help me, I call Nick...as if he's going to be able to help me from 30 miles away while at work. I end up cabbing to my haircut...suitcase and all, and then waste both of our time as we drive back out to the airport to rescue my car.

I am feeling much better after the haircut, even laughing about the whole freaking scenario (which, to my own credit, I laughed off every cancelled flight and hotel room...it wasn't until the car thing that I really lost it). Nick informed me he had a surprise for me when I got home...so I naturally thought he had bought another shirt or just a little something for the baby while I was gone. No. He went WAY OVERBOARD...he had stayed up until 3am Monday and Tuesday nights clearing out the office and painting it for the baby. OMG, I lost it...in a much happier way.

It looks amazing and I feel so much better about the house scenario, about being somewhat ready and prepared, just about it all. He even put the pack 'n play together and founds a cute table and deocrations to give the room the real "feel". He is my true hero.

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