Wednesday, July 7, 2010

80 year old in a 30 year old body

OMG, have I been so lucky and naive that the pains I feel are sudden and severe to bring me to my knees. Yes, it's finally hit me. I have officially gained 25 lbs (putting on about 0.5 lb a week of baby) and I am in pain. Baby has been on my right side nearly the entire time, that I can feel...and it has therefore finally taken its toll on my right nerves, particularly my hip and knee.

I groan when I get out of bed. I groan when I get out of my chair at work. I ache as I handle the stairs, what has happened. I have suddenly gotten a glimpse of the future and dare I say I am not above the Rascal scooters...sign me up for one now, in fact, as I can't wait! I can't imagine women who have felt this for longer periods of time or were put on bed rest, God love you because I only have a month of this and it's bad enough :)

Yes, I am a whiner, so let's all take it with a grain of salt, but I was also convinced I'd be running marathons until I gave birth, so my expectations may have been slightly out of whack. And, I may also be somewhat guilty of bringing on some of it...I wore 4 inch heels to a wedding in June and stayed up at our college 10 year reunion until 3am, in flats. But, what the heck, you can't roll around in bubble wrap for 9 months either, so what can you do? Just grin and bear it, I say. That, and beg to work from home a few days a week now that it's getting close to time, Molson will take care of me!

So, that is all from the old lady. I now have appreciation for all those that have trouble walking or getting around, it's certainly inconvenient and I feel for ya as I'm with ya now.

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