Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nerves of Steel While Nesting

Nesting is fun...especially when you can't walk! Torture is maybe another word for it. Yes, my little hip/nerve issue has gotten worse and I am now officially on crutches. Pathetic is another word for it. Baby has dropped and is oh so kindly sitting on my nerve which shoots pain and pressure down the front of my leg. I know it's a loving gesture and I am sure it's just its way of hugging and loving on me, right? OMG, some one get me a vodka and vicodin! What?

Couple that with the fact that I have some work to do yet on the house/nursery. We don't have a changing pad...minor issue. I have no furniture yet (still waiting), not that worried, but may need to check on that to see if we're 4 weeks out or a year out (at this rate, anything is possible). A hospital bag, some call it critical, I say bring on the free gowns and 10 cent soaps. OMG...I should be freaking out more, but as I sit here and stare at the stairs that come between me and my packing, I can't face going up them again today until I absolutely have to.

Nick is out of town for the week, so it's been interesting trying to be my independent self and having to ask for help. I have had help, Chip walked the dog Mon night (I can't walk the poor dog...he hates me right now). My mom and brother were here Tues/Tues night and they walked the dog, dropped food off for our church (it was sitting in my car for 3 days since I couldn't lift it), had my car washed and detailed (a task that had been on my list for nearly 2 months), and helped me buy dog food!

So, for those that are pregs now or becoming pregs in the future, word to the wise...get it all done by month 8 and coast to the end!!! I am hobbling proof that you cannot count on that last 6 weeks to be productive :)

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