Wednesday, August 4, 2010

D-Day Approaching...

Well, many have asked, what's the news...the news is no news...I had a doctor appointment today and all is going well so far. Baby seems normal and healthy and happy, in the womb. Not really showing signs of coming out just yet, but the head is down, it's moved down, and we wait...and wait...ha. Only week 39 so technically baby Lazzy Bear has not overstayed it's welcome just yet. I am not showing any signs of dialation quite yet so induction is not an option that's really on the table so long as I can get around.

Baby is still resting oh so lovingly on my nerve so getting around is still a pain. Sadly, I've really started to lose my mind and my doctor made fun of me as I "could not find my crutches" so I hobbled in to the office today. She kindly told me that that is like losing a wheel chair...they're not small and they are my main mode of transportation. Thank you very little, they are sitting in the front hallway where they should be, I just somehow completely overlooked them...four or five times in my frantic exit to the doc. Oh well, at least I found them :)

So, here we are week 39 and wondering whose day baby Lazz will share or if he/she will find one of its own. It's getting tougher...tomorrow is my parents wedding anniversary, the 10th is my birthday, 15th is Brandon's birthday, 20th Tommy's birthday...and there is a "Friday the 13th" coming up...oh no, does that mean my baby is Freddy Krueger? Holy cow, for any of you that know my family and some Long Lake history, that would be WAAAAY too freaky. I'd have a Freddy baby that likes to hunt snipes and sings Wisconsin badger songs while jumping off a pier. for those who don't know those stories, we'll save them for when we've all had too many drinks for you to remember as it may explain a lot as to why I am the way I am...and I sort of like you all just thinking I am a quirky funny person. Ha!!

Ok, tangent. So, no news to report yet, but will certainly keep everyone posted. I am working from home and enjoying a little less stress here, though it is damn hot without air conditioning. Hopefully it will chill out soon, not get cold, just chill from the 95+ heat. Can't wait to walk again and enjoy the outdoors again, I feel like a prisoner...ugghs.

More later!

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